Wilde Inspiration: Yayoi Kusama Shows That Dots Inspire Infinite Creativity

Part of what we do at Wilde Vertigga is inspire each other – every day, someone brings a source of inspiration to kickstart another’s days. We are inspired by people who think creatively and who are not scared to show who they are.

This month’s featured artist is Yayoi Kusama, a leading female artist who uses the pains of her past to inspire incredible works of art in every realm, from sculpture, installation, and painting all the way through to fashion, film, and more. This contemporary Japanese artist was born in 1929 and already in the 1960s was part of the avant-garde scene – especially the pop-art movement.

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Her troubled past included sexual and physical trauma. Despite this troubled history, she escaped her many demons through her art, which breaks down the boundaries of space through dots, nets, and infinity rooms; these all combine to create an all-encompassing vision which moves beyond space and boundaries.

Her work can be found everywhere from paintings to fashion. One place you can find it is at Kusama Fashion Company Ltd, which offers avant-garde fashion in the Kusama Corner at Bloomingdales.

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