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The Ultimate Guide to Dope Cannabis Accessories

Every fashion-lover knows how much details matter. You can have stylish clothes and come up with the perfect outfit, but somehow, there’s still something missing. Yep, we are talking about the shiny little things we embellish ourselves with: accessories! Here are 7 creative adornments that innovated the cannabis trend, launched by unique marijuana-friendly brands.

1. Weed Grinder Necklaces:

When marijuana was legalized in some U.S. States, Vetements came out with this original and disruptive accessory that is every stoner’s dream. Designed in silver and gold, this made-to-be-used necklace is both stylish and useful, making fashion more cannabis-friendly to everyone.

2. Cannabis Leaf Belly Rings:

Blunted Objects is an accessory brand centered in creating every piece with a cannabis-related touch. These cannabis belly rings are the edge of creativity, showing that the marijuana trend can look dope even on our belly button!

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3. Golden Rolls:

How about getting an extra brightness when you light up your joint? Shine introduced a luxe element to your blunt, by creating these 24k rolling papers. That’s what I call being classy at all times.

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4. Polytape Ashtray 

Talking about luxury, Andrew Hughes created a piece of art that double as an ashtray. This beautiful design is made of rose-citrine dichroic glass, giving you an elegant view while you smoke.

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5. Makeup Blot Rolling Sheets:

Binary use smoking objects are everywhere, even on our makeup kits. This makeup blotting sheets, that helps you fight shine, can also be used as rolling papers to promote smoke. The brand Milk Makeup deserves the credit for this unique invention! 

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6. Mary Jane's Pincher Earrings:

More of a discrete kind of smoker? Not a problem after High Society Collection! No one has to notice that you’re carrying a 24k joint pincher in your ears. And to make it even better, they go amazing with casual or fancy outfits. 

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7. Real Leaves Earrings: 

Sweetflag’s designers, Claire O’Keefe and Eugenia Oliva, show that cannabis style is not only about placing cannabis-like stamps and shapes on everything. Rather, they designed earrings made literally out of cannabis leaves! Those artists recreated the whole cannabis-related fashion industry, using real freshly picked plants to make an unique piece of jewelry.

Written By: Deborah Dayan