Inspiration: Yellow

Color trends come and go, but there’s something about this latest color craze that has us captivated. “Gen Z” yellow, as it’s been coined by the internet, has officially put “Millennial Pink” to rest. This luminous color possesses a unique energy and a playful spirit. Yellow offers feelings of self-expression, positivity, and enlightenment. It’s both modern and nostalgic.

In art, Vincent Van Gogh was one of the few painters to be known for his use of yellow. He painted his starry nights and sunflowers with a vivid and joyful hue known as Chrome Yellow, a lead-based pigment known to cause delirium.

In the Eastern world, yellow is almost a sacred color – symbolizing happiness, peace, meditation, and knowledge.

At Wilde Vertigga, yellow is a symbol of our new journey.

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