Is Celinununu, a Gender Neutral Clothing Line, Really Doing the Devil's Work?


Céline Dion, the Canadian-born singer with the voice of a literal angel, has been making waves in the fashion industry lately. The mother of three has teamed up with NUNUNU, an alternative fashion line to typical children’s clothing founded by two Israeli women. NUNUNU and iconic vocalist, Dion, have created CELINUNUNU in order to express the hopes for equality and respect for all of mankind. How inspiring is that?!

Céline's inspiration came during a visit to Disney with her twin boys, in which she thought they would go for Mickey Mouse and superhero costumes. To Dion’s surprise, they gravitated towards Minnie Mouse and princess costumes. It was in that moment that the singer thought to herself, “you know what? It’s okay. You know why it’s okay? Because they’re talking; they’re finding themselves.”

CELINUNUNU is a conceptual clothing line for kids. What makes it unique? The fact that it is completely gender neutral, created in hopes to inspire all children to be free and find their own individuality through clothing. CELINUNUNU liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl and enables younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom to express their individuality. According to Dion, “you don’t know what they’re going to become later. And you don’t want for them to have a problem of growth...Let people be who they are as quickly and as soon as possible.”

Céline is onto something, don’t you think?

The Devil’s Work...

Well, not everyone agrees. In fact, when asked by the National Catholic Register, Msgr. John Esseff, claimed that he is “convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic...It’s false. I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made.” “The devil is a liar and there are huge lies being told,” Msgr. Esseff said to the National Catholic Register. “This is being done for money, and there is divisiveness that comes from this—marks of the devil.”

Changing the Future

Despite the recent backlash, CELINUNUNU is still receiving a ton of support from people who are clever enough to see the future of fashion. CELINUNUNU is super intuitive, as its mission is to unite ‘two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.’

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