6 Streetwear Brands to Check Out at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is just days away and the anticipation is building; everyone wants to see what’s in store for Spring and Summer 2019 fashion! Here are 6 streetwear brands to check out at New York Fashion Week…

1. Ozlana

Ozlana is an Australian fashion house that is making waves in the fashion industry. The clothing is both casual and eccentric, which makes for great streetwear!

Learn more here: https://www.ozlana.com/

2. Nana Judy

Nana Judy is a global brand from Melbourne, Australia and was established in 2006. It is a premium streetwear line that embodies the carefree attitude of people who are young, or at least young at heart. With its unique designs and bits of edginess, this line is perfect for anyone that was born to stand out.

Learn more here: http://www.nanajudy.com/

3. John Elliott

John Elliott was formed by John Elliot himself and his longtime best friend/business partner, Aaron Lavee. This L.A. based fashion brand will have you wondering how you’ve lived so long without it. John Elliott is the most perfect form of casual streetwear there is. The designer himself says that “the brand is the result of me solving the problems I had with my own wardrobe. I started with basic categories and focused on creating functional yet modern fits with unique fabrics.”

Learn more here: https://www.johnelliott.co/

4. Matthew Adams Dolan

Matthew Adams Dolan is a streetwear fashion line that combines preppy with grungy to make for a fantastic approach on what we know as streetwear. The collection was inspired by a new type of American style that incorporates a global perspective and challenges the idea of American identity.

Learn more here: http://www.matthewadamsdolan.com/ss18/iglw3644zq3nh254l5frmxpq9po2hi


Founded in 2011, TOME is a New York based streetwear brand for women. The line is casual yet elegant, which is perfect for any woman that is struggling to find her own style and voice.

Learn more here: https://tomenyc.com/

6. Wilde Vertigga

Wilde Vertigga is an asymmetrical and gender neutral fashion line inspired by Oscar Wilde's non-conformist way of thinking. They made waves over the last year with the first ever pair of asymmetrical boots — a shoe and boot in one pair, connected by a single asymmetrical line. They also introduced bold and vibrant-colored coats with asymmetrical cuts, pockets, and layers of fabrics. 

Learn more here: https://vertigga.com/