5 'Fresh' Fashion Lessons That Childish Gambino Has Taught Us

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is a multi-talented sensation that has many different roles in the entertainment industry. With the drop of his new single, "This is America", we have decided to take a look at how Glover's fashion has evolved over the years. 

Not only is Glover extremely gifted but he is also the epitome of ‘fresh’—his music is fresh, his dance moves are fresh, and his fashion sense is fresh.

Throughout the years, Glover has built up a very unique and personal style. While he keeps it fairly simple, the multifaceted rapper still makes sure to incorporate his own funk and flair into anything he wears. With that being said, Childish Gambino has given us much more than just his music so here are 5 fashion lessons that he has taught us over the years...

#1. Patterned Fun

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Brightly colored patterned button-down shirts are clearly Glover’s go-to look. The secret is pairing a bold and striking piece like the shirt pictured above with something of more simplicity.

#2. Lively Designs

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Glover knows exactly how to add his own little flair to anything he throws on even if it is for a black-tie event. With the patterned jacket pictured above, he elegantly expresses his artistic and creative side.

#3. A Pop of Color

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Whether he wears patterns or brightly colored ensembles, like the vibrant purple suit pictured above, Glover can effortlessly spice up any classic look.

#4. A Touch of Velvet 

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Velvet can be a tricky material to pull off but Glover shows us exactly how to do it in this brown, velvet Gucci tuxedo.

#5. Simplistic Flair

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Even with the simplest of looks, Glover still manages to add his own touch of sophistication with a patterned jacket to complete his tuxedo.