5 Asymmetrical Buildings That Will Spark Your Wild Side

For years, there has been an open discussion as to whether or not symmetry is more attractive than asymmetry. Though studies have shown that our brains find symmetry soothing and comforting, we are actually drawn to complexity. Why? Andrea Kuszewski, a behavioral therapist, and consultant has the perfect explanation for this phenomenon. In her Science 2.0 article, Kuszewski states that “we are intrigued by things that don't quite seem to fit. When we see a symmetrical, algorithmic pattern, our brain can interpret it quickly, and we feel at ease. However, if there is a non-symmetrical pattern or complex design, our brain lingers on this info to try and decipher it...We are drawn to it and fascinated by it at the same time.” People want excitement and originality. Asymmetry is just that as it “has some novelty to it.”

If you want some excitement to spark your Wilde side, check out these 5 asymmetrical buildings...

#1. Walt Disney Concert Hall: Los Angeles, California

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#2. Lotus Temple: Delhi, India

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#3. Sydney Opera House: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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#4. Seattle Library: Seattle, Washington

#5. City of Arts and Sciences: Valencia, Spain

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