4 Ways That Oscar Wilde Has Inspired Us

Do you ever feel like you need to break free from expectations and choose the wild life instead? When you think of rebellion, what comes to mind—standing out, dressing vibrantly, or even streaking (running naked in public)? For us, rebellion means Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet and playwright that did not follow societal norm and was truly a rebel of his time. He was known for his brilliant wit and flamboyant style.

Here are 4 ways that Oscar Wilde has inspired us...

#1. The Importance of Being Earnest

Earnest—what does that word really mean? While it can be defined as serious and humorless, Wilde was actually the exact opposite. The plot of his satirical play, The Importance of Being Earnest, shows just how much of a rebel Wilde actually was, as the leading roles had to maintain fake personas in order to escape burdensome social obligations.

#2. The Picture of Dorian Gray

The publication of Wilde’s philosophical novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, might have caused controversy for being too “indecent” but that did not stop Wilde from defending his novel. His drive and passion for his art is truly inspiring as he did not conform to societal standards. Instead, he stood out.

#3. Wilde Wisdom

No explanation is needed for this Wilde quote, as it is the epitome of who Wilde was and what he stood for.

#4. Wilde Rebellion

When was the moment you realized that beauty is about expressing yourself and finding your Wilde side?