5 Eccentric Fashion Lines to Look Out For at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week will be filled with many up-and-coming designers from around the globe, some more outspoken than others. Here are 5 eccentric fashion lines to look out for during New York Fashion Week…

1. Namilia 

Namilia was founded in 2015 by Berlin-based designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl. It is an unconventional form of streetwear that is driven by a rebellistic view and youthful spirit. The duo’s first collection, “My Pussy, My Choice” was selected for VFiles Runway in October of 2015.

Learn more here: http://namilia.com/

2. Just In XX 

Justin Yu-Ying Chou followed his passion by launching his own fashion line, Just In Case, in 2013. The brand showcases Chou’s vision of street fashion and philosophy of cultural diversity. The pieces are vibrantly colored and incorporate aspects of Taiwanese culture. Justin Yu-Ying Chou brings his unique vision to New York Fashion Week to launch his new label, Just In XX.

Learn more here: https://www.justinxx.co/

3. Marcel Ostertag

Marcel Ostertag was founded in 2006 by Marcel himself. The German-born designer draws inspiration from nature, encounters with interesting people, travels, and foreign countries. His line is casual yet funky, as it combines tradition and modernity.

Learn more here: https://marcelostertag.com/


PRISCAVera is a New York based women’s wear brand established by Prisca Vera Franchetti in 2015. The clothing line is both relaxed and elegant in that it reflects the attitude of someone who is effortlessly cool.

Learn more here: http://nyfw.com/priscavera

5. Wilde Vertigga

Wilde Vertigga is an asymmetrical and gender neutral fashion line inspired by Oscar Wilde's non-conformist way of thinking. They made waves over the last year with the first ever pair of asymmetrical boots — a shoe and boot in one pair, connected by a single asymmetrical line. They also introduced bold and vibrant-colored coats with asymmetrical cuts, pockets, and layers of fabrics. 

Learn more here: https://vertigga.com/